Wednesday, October 24, 2007

excuses on Jerry's birthday

Oh no! Did I become one of those blog-neglecters? (or is it blog-neglectors?) I think not. Spurts of blog-inspirations will come in phases, maybe following the phases of the moon. In this case, it might be the phases of the weather that are hindering my motivation. Look at this picture, for instance. I was sitting there at the table trying to do my German homework (meine Hausaufgabe), and there outside on the deck the sun was shining, the weather was warm, the trees were in color. How do you ignore all that? We're in Minnesota, after all, and the fact that it's the 24th of October and we're still in shirtsleeves with no freezing temperatures to date can't be underappreciated. I have all winter to blog and study German.
And I am trying to resist having the blog of an old-codger contrarian, which is not easy since there is much to be contrary about: the dismal line-up of presidential contenders, the descent of the U.S. into Third-World status, my pathetic sports teams, etc.
An uncontrarianism: today is Jerry's birthday. He, being his civic-minded self, is spending all day in a meeting. Then tonight we are holding a fundraiser at our house for our city councilperson, who is our good friend. Anyway -- in all that busyness, I hope I get a chance sometime today to tell Jerry how much I appreciate him. He gets a reward for himself starting on Saturday -- a month in Hawaii. I will be joining him there for the last two weeks of this R & R trip. Nice to have light at the ends of tunnels. And some more beautiful days to either inspire me or keep me away from the computer -- or both.