Sunday, February 28, 2010

the shortest month

Gotta have at least one entry in February... It might be a disjointed one, just like February was...

There are still several weeks ahead of us before we move into the condo... (Contractors suck)... Am really tired of the temporary living situation -- and anxious to put some new things into play, like the new TV that we have bought (plus blue-ray and all kinds of things that I've never heard of) -- but won't set up until we are moved. Need some permanency again.

Work is relatively permanent, as in it feels like 24/7. Might drive out of town one of these days just to get some perspective.

Still fighting the winter. So sick of cold temperatures.

Seeing some of the Oscar-nominee movies before next Sunday's Academy Awards. They sure don't make movies like they used to.

After working some late nights, I must say it's been refreshing to be able to come home and watch some Winter Olympics. Sad to see them end... And I've learned to love Canada's national anthem -- O Canada! It's a catchy one!