Sunday, April 21, 2019

putting out the fire

And April speeds by, and my online words have been silent.... But my mind races...

This past week..... Disturbing, to say the week....

Early in the week, the world’s attention was focused on Paris, as the Notre Dame cathedral burned.... I can’t imagine Paris without Notre Dame, but, apparently, many others feel that way too, because many millions of Euros have been pledged to rebuild it.  That’s cool, of course, but how do you make a cathedral rehabbed in the 21st century feel like the original 13th century awesome beauty that it was?  Some part of the sadness and loss will still be there.

By Thursday of this week, the world’s attention was back over to this side of the Atlantic as the redacted Mueller report reiterated what most of the world already knew:  that our White House is occupied by a lowlife thug.... And the beat goes on — with much more detail to come and crimes to be uncovered.

And today was Easter.  The beautiful music and loving words that I find in my church gave me some peace in an unpeaceful world.  I’m not sure why.