Thursday, April 30, 2009

zone flipping at 7:10

I have one of those funky non-electric satellite alarm clocks, the kind you used to buy at places like Sharper Image stores (back when there were Sharper Image stores)...

Well, I woke up one morning last week and looked at my alarm clock and it said 7:10 -- time for me to get up. So I did my usual morning stuff -- shaved, showered, had breakfast, woke up Jerry, and went to the office. I was sitting at my computer at the office when I noticed what the time was -- 7:10! huh?

So I called Jerry and told him I must have looked at the clock cross-eyed an hour ago -- it must have been 6:10 an hour ago instead of 7:10 -- and he actually had an extra hour to go back to sleep or whatever. He went over and looked at my clock, and it said 9:10! My clock was skipping from time zone to time zone. Either the world is spinning haphazardly or my satellite clock needs new batteries!

But i've been thinking how my mind has been less than focused lately, skipping all over the place, not ever sure what day or time it is! so that's enough of that. Focus. Focus. Today is the thirtieth of April 2009, tomorrow is the first of May. Okay. Okay.

And what did I miss commenting on in the meantime?:

-- The Obamas' new dog.
-- Susan Boyle.
-- Arlen Specter becoming a Democrat.
-- The swine flu (but stayed tuned)...

But here's one I can't leave commentless: the death of Bea Arthur last weekend at age 86. Jerry and Tom and Joan and I were all so sad to hear that news. I can't begin to tell you how many times over and over again we have watched all The Golden Girls shows and quoted from them to each other, and Dorothy was always my favorite character. Even though the show hasn't actually been on the air in 15 years, it always seemed fresh and familiar and welcoming in reruns and on DVD. Consider how many hours we have spent with Bea Arthur and the other Golden Girls actors and characters. It's no wonder we take it so personally.

Friday, April 24, 2009

meanwhile, during the offseason.....

Two reasons why it's so hard to solve a redneck murder:
1. The DNA all matches.
2. There are no dental records.
Has it come to this ? Me telling redneck jokes??
We have decided where to go on our post-Ides of April trip, although it turns out that we're not leaving until the Ides of May. The choice was almost Montreal, but then we decided that we needed something less hectic than a big city where everybody is speaking French, so we're going to someplace familiar and relatively manageable -- Ocean City, New Jersey, after all (as I was guessing on March 28th). Once we decided, Jerry immediately started looking for offseason deals (he loves planning a trip way more than the trip itself) and found us a cool condo on 14th and the Boardwalk at a good rate. So that's where we'll be if you're looking for us third week of May.

The advantages of Ocean City are, of course, that we love Ocean City, and relatives to visit are nearby, and that there is so much within driving distance (the advantage of the East Coast). Weather-permitting, though, we'll probably mostly just sit on the deck and vegetate and continue our recovery from a tough winter. It will still be quiet at the Jersey Shore in May, and, who knows?, maybe the weather will be almost summer-like. Or not. Who cares.

Friday, April 17, 2009

drive, he said

It's like running a marathon for three months, and then suddenly it's over and you have to get used to walking again. Or stopping.

So what's been happening in the world while I was doing nothing but working 12-14 hour days?.. what did I miss?

Let's check: Absurdity still reigns, or is it just that the news prefers reporting the absurdity because we've learned to expect it?

Like how about this one for an example? -- PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked the Pet Shop Boys to change their name. Apparently "pet shops" are now politically incorrect. They're afraid animals will have hurt feelings?? (The Pet Shop Boys respectfully declined their request).

So maybe I won't try to catch up on the news after all.

Jerry, meanwhile, is anxiously waiting for me to decide where we should vacation to sometime soon. Right now, I don't care where, as long as it is somewhere relaxing and somewhere other than here. This will be one of our more spontaneous trips, if it happens. I might like to just get in the car one day and just start driving.......... Or go the airport and get on the first plane we see. Or just wait til I have my brain back and think it through.

anyway, for better or worse, the blog is back..............