Friday, April 17, 2009

drive, he said

It's like running a marathon for three months, and then suddenly it's over and you have to get used to walking again. Or stopping.

So what's been happening in the world while I was doing nothing but working 12-14 hour days?.. what did I miss?

Let's check: Absurdity still reigns, or is it just that the news prefers reporting the absurdity because we've learned to expect it?

Like how about this one for an example? -- PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked the Pet Shop Boys to change their name. Apparently "pet shops" are now politically incorrect. They're afraid animals will have hurt feelings?? (The Pet Shop Boys respectfully declined their request).

So maybe I won't try to catch up on the news after all.

Jerry, meanwhile, is anxiously waiting for me to decide where we should vacation to sometime soon. Right now, I don't care where, as long as it is somewhere relaxing and somewhere other than here. This will be one of our more spontaneous trips, if it happens. I might like to just get in the car one day and just start driving.......... Or go the airport and get on the first plane we see. Or just wait til I have my brain back and think it through.

anyway, for better or worse, the blog is back..............


Fallen Angel said...

Welcome back in many ways...I have been absent way too long myself, friend. Just caught up-sorry about the Grisham novel, but hey? What were you thinking? Mindless reading for an idle mind? I gave up on him after The Painted House(at least it wasn't formula writing). I have been reading The Goal by: Goldratt and thinking about how I can apply this theory to an educational setting.

As for me, I have gotten as far behind in household chores as possible with the onset of spring. Inches of oak leaves still on the ground, windows that have accumulated more grime than ever before due to the constant wind we have had since February. I guess those are my two stressors...the goal says to tackle them first, but I am painting this weekend...

Howard said...

(welcome back)... :-)

"Mindless reading for an idle mind" is exactly what I was thinking. I just wasn't expecting to be so IRRITATED by it. Painted House is the only Grisham book that i started and couldn't finish. This new one almost made me give up too. I think maybe i've read my last Grisham.

I've moved into non-fiction for a while... but there's a new John Irving novel coming out this year, so the non-fiction thing won't last.

So why are you so behind in the household chores??