Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spacy or spacey or both

I was feeling a little spacy and wasn't sure if "spacy" was the correct spelling or if it should be "spacey" as in Kevin Spacey, so I looked it up and, as it turns out, either is correct.  And here is the first definition that I came across of the word with either spelling:  "Stupefied or disoriented by or as if by drug use." 

While I can't deny that this may be a good description of my current state of mind, I was thinking more about an outer space thing.  Today, after all, is the 50th anniversary of the first man in space.  Here I go dating myself again, but I remember how upset kids on my school bus were at the time it happened because the first man in space was a Russian (Yuri Gagarin) and not an American:  it seemed to verify the fears that the USSR was surpassing us in technology, that the Sputnik was just the beginning and that they were indeed going to "bury us" one day.  Now we say, the USS-who???  And whoever hears about the space program anymore?  At one time it seemed like such a big deal.

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