Thursday, April 7, 2011

driving miss joan

My sister Joan, who lives in St. Paul, texted me from her cab ride, JFK Airport to Manhattan, yesterday morning, excited that she was back in the city she loves for her twice-a-year Broadway getaway.  She sees three Broadway shows in two days and hangs around stage doors and diners and museums and everything that is wonderful about New York City.  It's become her reward to herself for working so hard and coping with life all year.

The shows she is seeing this visit:  Catch Me If You Can, a musical version of the Leonardo deCaprio film from several years ago; Good People, a new play starring Frances McDormand (who I loved as the pregnant sheriff in the movie Fargo); and Driving Miss Daisy, a limited-time new production starring (!) Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones.  How great would it be to see them together? 

She texted me earlier that she liked the first two shows and was in the first row for each.  Tonight is Miss Daisy.  She gets home late tomorrow night, and I'm picking her up at MSP.

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