Tuesday, April 26, 2011

where to meet me

In St. Louis...

We've driven through periods of torrential rain the past couple days in Arkansas and southern Missouri and spent the night (at a Country Inn, of course) not far from the St. Louis airport that was damaged so badly by a tornado last Friday.  Nearby are suburban communities that were hit even harder than  the airport was and are still without power. It's been a weird spring for this part of the country.  The rains and storms have been setting records, the kinds of records you don't want to set.

Jerry has a cousin who lives here in St. Louis, and we had a nice dinner and chatfest with her last night.  After that, we stopped at the Ameristar, an enormous riverboat casino near our hotel, and had a fun if un-enriching time there.

Over the next two days, we will meander our way back to Minneapolis over some undetermined path.  I asked Jerry how long he could keep up this life on the road if we had unlimited time.  We both agreed that we wouldn't be ready to go home yet.

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