Sunday, April 10, 2011

nothing except for a few brief moments in the black forest

This weekend has been almost entirely here in my office working my tired old butt off, except for a minor break here and there.. Just one more week of this and then I'm back to my normal abnormal self.

Worked until 11 PM last night and was way too wired to sleep, so I found a free On Demand movie on TV -- The Fabulous Baker Boys, which I had never seen and which Joan had always told me I would like.. and I did.  Got to bed about 2 AM.  But awake at 6:30 this morning, Sunday, anyway -- a curse of getting old, I don't know to sleep anymore....  and thought what the heck and headed back to the office and have been here ever since except for Jerry picking me up for a dinner break.  We went to the Black Forest Inn, a favorite restaurant of mine, German food.. and a gin-and-tonic for me.

So it's those little side trips that I'm appreciating right now.  And if I had a life outside the office right now, that's what I'd be writing about.

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