Friday, April 8, 2011

live from new york, it's...

...friday morning and Joan's last day in New York, which I'm sure she's lamenting as she sits in her favorite 42nd Street (or thereabouts) breakfast place... But let me share with you the texts that she sent me late last night after she saw that new production of Driving Miss Daisy:

Joan:  "Hi.  Just met Vanessa Redgrave.  She was very gracious and talked to me several minutes and posed for a picture with me."
Me:  "Wow, that's impressive!"
Joan:  "It was very cool.  She held my hand the whole time she talked to me."
Me:  "Such a classy lady."
Joan:  "Very much so.  Now I met James Earl Jones.  Also very gracious and stopped and shook hands and talked to each one of us.  Neither one does autographs but that was ok."

Cool, huh?.. I guess it pays off to hang out at the stage door.

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