Sunday, April 24, 2011

where you wouldn't expect to find us

It wasn't planned this way.  We were heading north through southeastern Oklahoma (which is beautiful, by the way) and through the corner of northwestern Arkansas, thinking we'd spend the night somewhere in southwestern Missouri -- maybe Joplin.  But then the rains came.  I've never driven through such driving rain, water rushing all around us, driveways washed away -- a couple hours of that!  So we realized, that's enough! and called ahead for a reservation at the nearest Country Inn (our fourth in four nights), which turned out to be in Rogers, Arkansas, a city that adjoins Bentonville.  In fact, the exit off the Interstate was a Bentonville exit.

What's wrong with Bentonville, Arkansas, you ask?  Why, it's the location of the world headquarters of that despicable company that Jerry and I love to hate -- Walmart!  We are surrounded by Walmarters!  It's not a good feeling!

Hey man, it was either that or drown out there on the road!  I hope we made the right decision!

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