Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 24 in Honolulu

when we got to the top of Diamond Head this morning, after climbing all those trails and steps, I said, "wow, this is very cool. But I bet I'll never do this again." the views are magnificent, but once is probably enough. Once is probably not enough of Hawaii, though. We are getting closer than I would like to think to the time for leaving, and this has been one of our better vacations. We love our vacations in Europe, but this year the exchange rates for the dollar were a bit intimidating, and who can argue with Hawaii November temperatures? Lots to do, ways to relax, beautiful scenery, friendly people. The worst thing about this island, O'ahu, and this city, Honolulu, is the traffic. I'm not good at sitting in traffic that is at a standstill, especially when I'm not the driver.

we're staying in a great cottage in a very private setting in the Diamond Head area of Honolulu. It is the perfect setting for me to sit and read (if i feel like it), drink coffee, maybe go to the nearby beach. I managed to finally read David McCullough's John Adams, figuring it would take me a year to read it at home. It took me a week here. Jerry, meanwhile, is always driving around, learning the neighborhoods, ever being the real estate agent. He is ready to move here. Hmmm!

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