Monday, April 21, 2008


Not sure how to write today. We arrived in Hawaii three nights ago for a two-week post-busy season vacation. Early the next morning, I received the horrible news that my brother-in-law Dave (see my post of March 17th) had died. He had been sick and in the hospital for a couple weeks, but his death was unexpected.

We are a very close family, my five siblings and myself, even though we are spread all over the place, so we are a family stunned and sad. Without question, this is a time to be together, so this afternoon I am leaving Hawaii for a few days, flying to North Carolina to be with my sister and the rest of the family.

As I write this, I'm overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a perfect early morning in Honolulu, but my thoughts are elsewhere. There are times when it is hard to reconcile the beauty and the harshness of life.

We'll miss you, David. You were an irreplacable part of the family.


muse said...

I am sorry to hear of your family's loss.

My only trip to Hawaii came at a time when my father was very ill. I prayed the whole time we were away that I would get to see him and hug him and tell him I loved him just one more time. I would have never left him and my mother but they both convinced me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So I sent my children to AR to see their aunt and uncle-I went to Hawaii-and my father struggled with cancer.

He died a week after I returned. I hope you have the opportunity to spend quality time with Dave while he was alive...

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your loss!!!