Monday, September 15, 2008

rhode island

Does size matter?

Three weeks ago, we were in Alaska, the largest of the 50 states. Now we are in Rhode Island, the smallest.

Trivia question for you: How many Rhode Islands would fit in an area the size of Alaska? The answer is at the bottom of this blog post.

To be specific, we've been in Newport, Rhode Island since yesterday, staying at an old mansion bed-and-breakfast, which is very nice except that we are way up in the attic -- the old servants' quarters, I believe -- very appropriate for us except that our knees are not as strong as they once were. We're on our six-day road trip through New England, following a couple days in New Jersey for my cousin Darlene's wedding. Newport is great. Seaside town, lots of enormous late 19th-century mansions to tour. Today we also drove into Massachusetts and along part of Cape Cod. Tomorrow we head north for Vermont, definitely one of my favorite states.

And how about that Darlene?! Married for the first time at age 62! Cheers!

Here's some news for you: Jerry was quoted in the Wall Street Journal today in an article about the new interstate bridge in Minneapolis, the bridge that replaces the one that collapsed last year. Today's edition, page 2A.


Answer to the trivia question: 423 Rhode Islands would fit into Alaska. Which state would I rather re-visit?.. Well, the scenery in Alaska is beautiful, but once is enough. Rhode Island for sure.


Anonymous said...

I've been to Newport! My best friend lived there so i flew there for a few days myself a couple years ago. She's now in providence. How about them vikings?

Anonymous said...

Too bad "the old man and the mountain" collapsed. I have pictures of it from when we visited it years ago. Are you planning to see Norman Rockwell's home and museum?