Sunday, June 28, 2009

untitled, part one

And you thought maybe I hadn't blogged lately because I had nothing to say?.. Ha!

You knew I had a merger of my business coming up July 1st, which is taking scads of my time with details and catch-up and stress. It's been a while since I've gotten a whole night's sleep. I wake up way too early magnifying some minor business tidbit in my head and can't get back to sleep. You can understand that, right?

And you also knew that Jerry and I own two townhouses, one that we live in and one that we used to live in, and that we had both of them on the market for quite a while with the intention of eventually living in the one that didn't sell, letting fate decide our future. Then fairly recently we took the house that we currently live in off the market and decided to stick it out right where we are.

Well, the house where we used to live sold a couple weeks ago, with a closing the middle of August. Good news. We didn't get as much for it as we wanted, but, hey, it's a down market. So we were happy with that.

But then, this past week, people who had looked at our current home while it was on the market came back and made us a pretty good offer, and, for some ungodly reason, we accepted it. For this, a house that we love (but which has a mortgage balance that is more than we would like to have). They want to close the deal on July 30.

So what am I saying? I'm saying that we have sold both our homes and that we suddenly have a month to find somewhere to live. A month that happens to be the first month of my new business venture, which already had me stressed.

And we are telling ourselves, as best we can, that this is a good thing, that we will be able to re-group, to maybe downsize, to make our lives somewhat simpler and less financially precarious. But these days, it is hard to wake up early and realize we have to move on to what right now is a great big unknown.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it!! What a life you are going to have the next few weeks. If I can do anything to help (on my week off), let me know.

ruthie said...

yeah, she's OBSESSED with packing and writing lists for each box and making everything PERFECT. It's scary! You should get a house with a guest house that I can rent for cheap. Oh wait, that would involve moving further from the cities. Where the heck are you going to move? I hope it's not too extremely far. I wish there was more time as we should have one last get together if even just for dinner. Maybe a packing party!

Howard said...

We won't start packing until we have to, so there is still time to get together... It's nice to hear that we have packing volunteers, though!