Friday, January 22, 2010

last nights with CoCo

I usually don't watch much late-night TV... I'd rather go to sleep reading a book. OK, maybe I take an occasional glimpse at David Letterman, but a person can only take so much of David Letterman.

But then all this controversy happened with NBC pushing Jay Leno out of his failed prime-time spot and back into late night, and the late-night duels got interesting. I hadn't paid much attention to Conan O'Brien since he inherited The Tonight Show until all that started. Conan ("CoCo" to some) started pushing back at NBC when they wanted him to take a back seat to Leno again, and he did it in a classy, amusing way.

So I started watching some Conan O'Brien and discovered that the guy is great. He is funny, entertaining, inventive, and irreverent. Compare that to Jay Leno whose idea of a joke is, "Why is it that men always want to be the ones holding the remote?" Jay Leno is tremendously unfunny and is a terrible interviewer, so how did he ever get a talk show in the first place?

Tonight is the last Conan O'Brien show, and now I'm feeling sad about it. I should have kept my nose stuck in a book. Guess it's heading back there.

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