Sunday, November 21, 2010

football for breakfast

Found a better place for breakfast -- a cool little Italian place two blocks from the condo -- so the Big City Diner might be history for us. oh well!

...but what's weird is having an early breakfast on a Sunday morning and then coming back to watch football starting at 8 a.m. At home the games start at noon, on the East Coast they start at 1. Currently watching the Vikings play the Packers. The game is at home, in Minneapolis, where outside the Metrodome, there is a bad ice storm happening. If we were in town, we'd probably be at the game, assuming we didn't slip on the ice on the way into the stadium and end up in the emergency room.

We might go to the beach later.


ruthie said...

I almost fell on my driveway and poor Scoob was slipping on concrete. Almost 400 accidents in the metro last I heard a couple hours ago. Lots of cars in ditches. Enjoy the beach!

Lee said...

Big City Diner may be history, but so are the Vikes. What a bad game... certainly not worth an 8:00 am viewing!

Howard said...

Yeah it was an awful game, and the Vikings were hideous... Goodbye, Childress... The Eagles game later was good though. Guess we'll all have to pin our hopes for this year on them.