Monday, April 1, 2013

today's baseball humor

Yeah, I know that it's April Fools Day, but the big joke going around downtown Minneapolis today is asking people whether they're going to the Twins home opener this afternoon over there at the outdoor Target Field.

Yes, fans, baseball season starts today, which usually gives warm feelings of spring being here, but, as I write this, the temperature is 27 degrees, and the game starts in two hours.

So I see lots of people walking through the skyways wearing Twins jerseys and I'm wondering how many of them will actually be shivering in the stands under their blankets and parkas.  At least the players will be warm playing the game.  Whoops, that's right, it's baseball --  Not a lot of moving around!

1 comment:

Jon said...

I like how your last two entries ended with a sarcastic/cynical comment. I think this should be a new tradition! (or maybe I just liked these particular ones because I find both baseball and Easter to be lame?)