Wednesday, February 22, 2017

OK, Jeff, here ya go

My blog has languished since its heyday of 2010 through 2013, but in a couple days (Friday, that is) I'll be posting my annual ranking of this year's Oscar Best Picture nominees (I know you are waiting with bated breath), so here I am, waking up my brain to remember how to post!

Had drinks with my friend Jeff two weeks ago, and he mentioned that he often checks back here to see if I've gotten my blog act together once again. Perhaps there are others who also have not forgotten me-- for instance, the Russian hackers!

So maybe I'll try once again to add my two-cents worth on a regular basis to the already-overloaded internet world.  It's been a rough few months for me and Jerry, health-wise and otherwise, and I don't want to dwell on negatives, even on those days when it is hard to find positives.  And it would be easy to bitch about donald trump, but others are much more qualified for that kind of bitching than I am, and they are doing it well.

So sometimes it's just better to Escape -- for instance, into the Film World.  Seeing the nominees over the past two months has been good for me.

Hey, can you remember the nominees from last year?  Of course you can't!  If you're really bored, you can go to my list last year --

(Note that I never pick the actual winner!)..

And, if you are SUPER bored (for instance, you're in a hospital bed, not quite in a coma), here is my list from two years ago....

So, here I am.... and, if you happen to be one of those people who, like Jeff, wants to see if I'm back to blogging, the easy way to click on this site is
which is a domain that I own, which will forward you here to my blog site.
Cheers!  Life is good, and it's short.  Enjoy every moment of it.

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