Sunday, February 17, 2019

something political

Until I actually begin writing My Manifesto, I need to start writing SOMETHING to get that writer-mentality jump-start, so I’m thinking of reinvigorating my sleepy blog.  During those years when I was blogging every day, daily entries may have been nonsensical fluff at times (as you will see if you look back at my archived posts), but at least it was SOMETHING.

My concern is that my 2019 brain is too cluttered with political frustration to write without something political infesting even the most un-political origins.

Being located in the Twin Cities metro, I find that I naturally wrap myself in a cocoon of progressivism, and I shouldn’t be so taken aback when I see people outside that relatively liberal circle — people whom I otherwise like — being taken in by Drumpt’s obvious strategy of giving his adoring crowds comfort in their own bigotry, in their racist tendencies, and/or in their ignorance.

Fortunately, the Resistance is strong, and there are many that are writing and speaking out that are much more capable than I.  If I venture back into the blog world, I’ll try to stick to more mundane topics or pictures of my dog.

Just kidding.  I don’t have a dog.

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