Sunday, February 2, 2020

my first post of MMXX

Hey all....  How is your MMXX (that’s 2020, in case you weren’t paying attention in Latin class) going so far?

My blog has been lying here comatose once again, but in recent days I’m finding my brain wandering back to my Blog world of pseudo-creativity.  In the next several months, my life is going to go through some major life changes, and I might need a written outlet to soul-search, to bitch, to ponder, maybe to embrace.  Here I am.  Hang with me if you can handle it.

So let’s take an inventory of where we are, here on the second day of February in the year of 2020.

I’m sitting here watching the end of Super Bowl LIV (that’s 54 — and this officially is the most Roman numerals that I’ve ever used in one of my blog posts).  Mostly I don’t care much about the outcome, except for being a little sad that the football season is ending with this game.

Today’s date is a palindrome, which means that the date is the same backwards and forwards.  02/02/2020.  0202/20/20.  This hasn’t happened in 909 years (Who keeps track of this stuff?).  I’m not sure if this works out Roman numeral-wise.

Today was also Groundhog Day, and the skies were cloudy in Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania, so the groundhog didn’t see its shadow, didn’t go back underground, so Spring theoretically will come early.  Here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we had a beautiful sunny day, so we are probably doomed to a lot more winter.

The Kansas City Chiefs just beat the San Francisco 49ears, 31-20.  I’m happy for Andy Reid.  I wish he could have done this when he was coaching the Philadelphia Eagles!

A week from tonight, the Academy Awards will be televised.  My unknown-why habit is to see all of the Best Picture Oscar nominees before the program.  I have seen eight of the nine nominees, will see the ninth before my blog post later this week ranking my favorites.

And I’ll catch you guys up on the other stuff another day....  Follow me at my domain site,, which forwards here to my blog site, Http://

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