Sunday, August 26, 2007

"are you the pinky toe woman?"

my sister, Joan, who is supposed to be starting her own blog one of these days (which i'm looking forward to), should be telling this story on her own blogsite, but who knows when that will be, so i'm telling it instead.

yesterday, Joan, a theater junkie, went to see Noel Coward's Private Lives at the Guthrie Theater here in Minneapolis and thought she recognized the female lead, Veanne Cox, from an old Seinfeld episode. afterwards at a playbill-signing by the actors, Joan asked Ms. Cox, "say, aren't you the pinky toe woman??!" sure enough, she was! remember the episode (Season 5, "The Fire") when Kramer was dating a loud obnoxious woman who heckled Jerry at the comedy club and then she ended up having her pinky toe severed when it was run over by a street-sweeper (and Kramer rescued it)? can you imagine being an accomplished actor of stage and film and yet what you are remembered for is being "the pinky toe woman"?

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