Wednesday, August 29, 2007

let's just say, i caught his eye

when the police aren't entrapping people in airport men's room stalls, they sometimes have the less glamorous job of sitting in their squad cars with their radar guns pointed at you. well, in this case it was pointed at me. the radar gun, that is. I was already late for a lunch meeting, so who could blame me for going 74 in a 55 spinning through spaghetti junction in downtown St. Paul? and, of course, i thought everybody else around me was going the same speed, or close to it, right? but, no, this dude picked out my little speedy red VW GTI from the lineup of speeding cars. so all you owners of cars that are brown and biege and grey are saying, "Hey! what the heck did you expect? everybody knows the cops are more likely to stop a red car!" a myth that i, of course, dispute (i think).

this cop, who for the record i should add is way too good-looking to be a cop and should be glad he wasn't assigned to men's room duties, told me, "hey, i'm going to give you a break and say you were only going 64 in a 55" (do they rehearse that line?), like i should thank him. and in a way maybe i should thank him. i was having a really "down" week last week and this speeding ticket came on Friday when i was dreading that lunch appointment. i think, though, the ticket woke me up a little, like maybe i had been a little drowsy at the wheel all week. i went on to have a good lunch appointment and a good weekend and so far a good week this week. my car is a speed demon, but sometimes i apparently need a jump-start.

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