Sunday, October 5, 2008

go, phillies!

It's a rainy day here. Not a great morning for the Twin Cities Marathon, but a good morning to write a blog entry. The problem is coming up with blog thoughts that aren't a further rant against Sarah Palin and her daddy, John McCain. Or there is the Wall Street bailout, which none of us begin to understand enough to even intelligently discuss. To try to escape from our dismal realities, I even rented four movies this week that I hadn't seen, and it's rare for us to ever rent a movie. How desperate must I have been to rent Napoleon Dynamite (which I liked, as it turned out... well, sort of)?

And how rare is it for me to feel sorry for average Republicans?.. I mean, let's face it, they aren't that crazy about John McCain anyway, and they are stuck with him as their candidate... He certainly isn't a good poster-boy for their pseudo- "family values"... Then he picks Sarah Palin as his ticket-mate, and even Republicans can see what a disastrous pick she is. They were scared to death of what she might say in her debate this past week with Joe Biden. She was awful, of course, but at least she didn't pass out or vomit, so they had to pretend that she won the debate! I mean, really! It was like these pretenders were having a fake orgasm!

One of the only good things about the Sarah Palin fiasco is watching the clips from her interview with Katie Couric. I kinda like Katie Couric, even though she is always last in the news ratings and her interviews are a bit "soft", and when was the last time she got all this attention? Then of course there is Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live doing her amazing, hilarious impersonations of Sarah. Oh, maybe this candidacy isn't so bad after all -- IF we can be absolutely sure that she won't win and that it's all just for laughs!


The best part of the week: the Phillies beat the Milwaukee Brewers in the first round of the baseball playoffs.


Anonymous said...

you cant sit there and say Obama is the "right man for the job" looks like you guys got stuck with someone to..

I dont like either choice... this is the first election I just dont care at all.. because they all suck


Howard said...

i hear you, A.P. He's not exactly my dream candidate either, but I take some comfort in knowing that he is very smart, his mind still works well, he is well-educated on the serious issues, and his heart is mostly in the right place.

Anonymous said...

but howard... he has never even had a "real job" or has he done somthing that I dont know about???


Howard said...

that's quite a stretch, Aaron! :-)