Sunday, November 9, 2008

'wicked' thoughts

I was walking through downtown yesterday afternoon on my way to the gym and realized I was surrounded by people scurrying to the Saturday afternoon matinee of Wicked, currently here on tour. Then I realized that it was cold and windy, temps in the low 20s -- it's winter again. Indoor activities will be providing most of our entertainment between now and April.
And we are falling right into indoor scheduling.. This week, for instance: Joan is treating us to Wicked tickets this Wednesday, then Thursday we're going to see Joan Baez.
Then next weekend, something I always look forward to: the new James Bond movie comes out... and then....
All kinds of good stuff to fill up the winter months... But, wow. It's such a long time til April. It sure was hard to put on a winter jacket again.


muse said...

Joan Baez?! What's next? Buffy St.Marie? Sorry about the cold, it is still sunny and bare-able here!

Howard said...

Buffy St. Marie! -- wow, i forgot all about her.. :-)