Tuesday, March 5, 2013

marathon in white

Every day is a work day, and it seems like every day we get some snow.  I look out my office window, and I don't wish I were outdoors.  It's white everywhere.

Last week, I took three days off and left town for some recuperation.  Of course, to assuage my guilt, I made myself work 80 hours the week before in anticipation of that, so by the time I got on an airplane I was goofy.  While on the plane, I listened to iPod music on my headphones and had a gin-and-tonic next to me, and my mind was racing into weird fantasies of permanently disappearing somewhere, and I imagined finding a place where nobody would ever think to look for me (I came up with Rapid City, South Dakota).  But then I woke up in Las Vegas, which is probably the first place people would look for me.

And since getting back, I've been doing another work marathon, but the break was worth it.  And the snow comes down.  And the blog is back.

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Anonymous said...

Howard - the entire world goes through Rapid City on their way to the Black Hills at least once in their lives. (We met a whole bus full of Japanese senior citizens in Wall, SD when we were there last). I recommend Spearfish Canyon - more remote, more beautiful.

P.S. Hi! Hope you are well.