Saturday, February 1, 2014

what february is

February -- it's that oddball month that only has 28 days and occasionally 29 while all the "normal" months have 30 or 31.  It's also the month that has two "R's" in it, but only one is pronounced!

For those of us for whom winter is a burden, it's also the month on the downside of January when, even thought the weather might be just as cold and dreadful as January's, it feels like we are over some sort of hump and spring is more than an abstract neverland.

It's also the month of diverse observations and celebrations to warm your heart-- Groundhog Day (tomorrow), Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras (Karneval or Fasching to some of you), President's Day, Black History Month, and this year even the Winter Olympics.

So let's raise a glass to February.... and, if it's awful, what the heck.  It's only 28 days.

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