Friday, June 27, 2014

the way Neil does it

I just finished reading Neil Young's memoirs, Waging Heavy Peace, which I really liked and which also led me into two directions:  first, I pulled out all of my Neil Young albums, dusted them all off and have been having a Neil Young marathon; and second, I've found myself surprisingly affected by his rambling, casual, stream-of-consciousness style of writing.... Whatever popped into his head he wrote, regardless of how it fit into his life story.

Like, for instance, I was writing an email last night to my attorney (a whole 'nother story, which I can't tell here) and realized that I was writing it in Neil Young style, which probably had her wondering when she read it  if I was smoking weed.

I've started writing my memoirs, by the way.  Everybody has a story to tell, and every story can be interesting if told right.  I'm realizing that my life story, if told from my own particularly twisted point of view, could be more entertaining than you might think.

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