Saturday, April 2, 2016

after the bachelor party

If there are any regular daily readers of this blog, how devastating for you that I skipped yesterday, and you were thinking, "Hey, the dude has fallen off the Blog Post wagon again", but April Fool, it was just a one-day blip due to a over-booked day.

The evening was devoted to a bachelor party last night for a friend who is getting married next week, a friend who is marrying for the first time at age 48.

When I think of bachelor parties, I think of guys in their 20s, not guys middle-aged and up, but there we were, drinking beer and wine (and Scotch for me), talking about middle-aged-and-up stuff and not very much about the upcoming wedding.  It could have been just a Friday night of guys getting together to drink.  It was fun though.

We have several weddings to attend this year.  Not my favorite of events!  But good luck to my friend and his lovely bride.

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