Sunday, February 14, 2016

does anybody blog anymore?

If I tell you that I am hereby reviving my blog, it's perfectly understandable if you say "How very 2009 of you!"  Blogging was a thing, then faded when along came Twitter, which is basically idiotic, and Facebook, where the only way to not piss off a friend is to just post photos of kids and dogs.

But I started this humble little blog in 2007, was fast and furious at it for a while, even posting 856 days straight from August 11, 2010, to January 2, 2013, and it has mostly suffered from benign neglect since then.

All it took was hearing a couple of people last week say that they missed my blog, and I look and see that the site has had more than 100,000 page views, some views still every single day, and I realize I need to get with it.  Besides that, there is a bunch of stuff I need to spout off about, and this is an outlet for some of that.  I realize that blogs can be pretty lame -- the whole reverse-chronology thing -- but, if you want to follow me, I'll try to be at least marginally entertaining, probably offensive at times.

I own the domain

and, if you go to that site in your browser, it will automatically forward you here to my blog,  It's just easier to remember.

Other reasons that I am getting back to blogging:
--  I need to rant about our embarrassing political system, religious extremism, and various other aggravations in our current world;
--  I have more spare time than I did in '13, '14 and '15;
--  I'm going to London next week and might want to post pictures;
--  Life is short -- every day is important -- and we need to celebrate even the small everyday pleasures;
--  Occasionally I might want to post pictures of kids and dogs!
--  I'm in the process of starting my book -- my "manifesto" -- and I need constant inspiration, and blogging helps me stay on track, even if nobody ever reads a single post.

But someone will.


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