Sunday, February 28, 2016


Jerry and I are, as I write this, enjoying a cheesesteak during a layover in Philly before we board our flight home following what is destined to be a memorable trip with Mary and Rebecca to the UK and Ireland.  We accomplished a lot in ten days and covered a lot of ground and a variety of experiences. While it was still fresh in our minds, I had each of us, as we sat at the Dublin Airport, write down our favorite five things from the trip (in no particular order).  Here's what we individually came up with:

Mary (my sister):  1). An overnight in a castle (Thornbury Castle in Thornbury, England);  2). Abbey Road (the crosswalk where the Beatles crossed on their album cover) in London;  3). Buckingham Palace, London;  4). Harrods Department Store, London;  5). Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London.

Rebecca (my niece):  1). The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales;  2). The gin and tonic at the Six Bells Inn in Colerne, England;  3).  Abbey Road; 4). The Camden Town neighborhood of London;  5). The Tower of London.

Jerry (my other half):  1). The pot stickers at a corner shop in Chinatown, London;  2). Riding "The Tube" (London's subway system);  3). Thornbury Castle;  4). Camden Town, London;  5). Meeting the owner and chef at the Six Bells Inn in Colerne.

Howard (that's me):  1). Abbey Road;  2). The Tom Dixon Cafe at Harrods Department Store;  3).  The Temple Bar in Dublin;  4). Seeing "The Book of Mormon" in London;  5). The Tower of London.

So ends a great trip and my little travelogue about it -- except for maybe some photos I might add once I get back to my laptop.

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