Saturday, February 27, 2016

the Dublin vibe

No, I hadn't ever been to Dublin -- or anywhere in Ireland, for that matter -- but, based on who-knows-what, I had pictured Dublin as a place of escape someday to write "my book".  Maybe it's the history of writers coming from here -- James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, etc. -- or maybe it was the city's image of unprentiousness, leaving the imagination to explore and just be focused on LIFE.  And, if a person is going through a writer's block, take a break down at the corner pub and be reinvigorated while having a Guinness with friendly mates.

Dublin, as it turns out, feels good, a place where I could hang out for a long time.  There's the history, the grittiness, the friendliness.  Maybe I'm connecting to the Irish blood in me -- and I don't know for sure what that percentage is, but it's fairly substantial.

Unlike London, which is much bigger than Dublin and could keep you busy for weeks just seeing the "must-sees", this is a fairly compact city without a lot of tourist distractions. Take one of those "hop-on, hop-off" bus tours to get an overview of the city, figure out where you want to be, and walk the streets, taking in the Dublin vibe.

Our apartment is in the Temple Bar District, which is a vibrant fun area, named for the centuries-old Temple Bar, a sprawling pub that might be my favorite place in the city so far.

I for sure could stay in Dublin for an extended period and maybe even be inspired...

... but we go home tomorrow.

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