Sunday, March 24, 2019

750 to 1

The Powerball payout is up to something like 750-million dollars, less taxes of course.

Somebody will eventually win, and it’s amusing to me that many people don’t play the lottery at all until it gets up towards that kind of crazy win — like winning only ten million wouldn’t be worth their dollar investment.

I realize that many people have as their lifetime financial plan to someday win the lottery, but really!

My feeling is this:  Nobody needs $750,000,000.  Why can’t they structure the lottery so that, like in this case 750 people would win a million dollars instead of one lucky dude getting that whole pot?  And, on a related topic, many winners of those mega-zillions end up seeing it ruin their lives.

I personally would be thrilled to win a million dollars.  If I won 750 million, I’d probably go insane (but I bet I would have a lot of happy relatives, some of whom I never until then knew existed!).

Will I buy a ticket?  What do you think?

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