Thursday, March 28, 2019

greetings from 2019

One day — many years from now — when the internet has been replaced by something else and is a nostalgia thing and some bored geek, sitting at a library computer — if there are still libraries and computers then — happens upon this ancient blog post, let me say “Hi!” to such desperate geek.

And, if history is still taught out there in the distant future, I envy that you might know the answers to questions that torment some of us in this particular present; for instance, how does the Drumpt Administration end up?  Does he get his wish of becoming dictator?  Does he go to prison for multiple criminal activities?  Does he instead resign the Presidency and move to the upcoming Trump Tower in Moscow?

How about Brexit?  Does Britain leave the European Union after all?

Or what about climate change?  Did it end up destroying life on earth?  If so, please disregard this post!!

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