Saturday, September 8, 2007

fly, Eagles, fly

football season has started, for better or for worse, and we'll see how many hours i waste on it between now and January. Jerry and i have season tickets to the Vikings, as we usually do (don't laugh!), so tomorrow at noon we'll be at the Metrodome watching the Vikes against the Atlanta Falcons, a team that i've despised ever since the NFC championship game in early 1999. the Vikings have a lot of new players this year, so they are sort of an unknown, but even when they are a known they are an unknown. luckily for us, the Falcons are probably awful this year. what could have made tomorrow's game more exciting would have been if Michael Vick, the notorious dog-abuser, were playing quarterback for the Falcons instead of being suspended. i'm sure he would be booed right out of town, if not worse (maybe even enough violence to satisfy a hockey fan!). i bet even his teammates think he's a slimebag. (Our local minor-league baseball team, the St. Paul Saints, had a good promotion giveaway at one of their games last month -- Michael Vick doggie chew toys).

vikings fan or not, though, having grown up in the shadow of Philadelphia, my heart still lies with the Eagles, and i would love to see the Eagles win their first Super Bowl (i'd also love to win the lottery). expectations for the Eagles are generally high this year, which is probably not good because they seem to do better when expectations are not high. let's hope McNabb's body can take all those hits.

my expectations are high for the New England Patriots this year, a team which i am not fond of but which obtained Randy Moss, who i am fond of. Moss in my opinion hasn't had a good quarterback throwing to him since Randall Cunningham and now he'll have Tom Brady, another dude i don't like but who we have to admit is a good quarterback. the question is, does Moss still have what it takes? or, for that matter, does Brady?

enjoy the season! or, better yet, find something more productive to do!

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