Thursday, September 13, 2007

'Tears in Heaven' meets 'Braveheart'

i was sitting outside the coffee shop this morning reading my book, my reading glasses tipped down my nose. a woman and her teenage daughter walked by me on the sidewalk, and i noticed that the mother was giving me a funny look of recognition when she walked into the coffee shop and then again when she was leaving. i was thinking, do i know her from somewhere? but apparently i didn't. after they went to their car, the daughter came back to where i was sitting and said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but my mother wants me to ask you -- Are you Eric Clapton??" i assured her, in my decidely un-British accent, that i was not. she was disappointed -- she and her mom are both Eric Clapton fans -- and she said, "i bet you hear that all the time." No, it was a first. And, i'm thinking, what the heck does Eric Clapton even look like these days? when i think of Eric Clapton, i think of how he looked in 1969. maybe i shouldn't be feeling good about this.

Jerry, meanwhile, keeps being told that he looks like Mel Gibson. he has those Mel Gibson eyes, you know. As we have traveled, people all over the world have come up to him and said, "has anybody ever told you that you look like Mel Gibson?" and some people are convinced that he is Mel Gibson. Jerry isn't flattered at all, first of all because Mel Gibson isn't aging all that well but mostly because Mel Gibson is a bit of a psycho. and we all know, do we not?, that Jerry is aging well and that he's not a psycho. right?? :-)

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