Sunday, September 30, 2007

a sports update

spectator sports, escapism for the masses.... but oh how that escapism can lead to its own anguish.

take today, for instance. There was Brett Favre breaking the all-time league record for touchdown passes, just a few feet from me. Did he have to break the record here at the Metrodome, couldn't he have done it in Green Bay? Vikings fans are having a stressful season as it is (1-3) with just a one-person offense (running back Adrian Peterson), and then on top of that you lose to the Packers and give up a historical touchdown pass by Favre. And one of the disadvantages of being just 20 miles from Wisconsin -- way too close during football season -- is that there are too many Packer fans in the stands, wearing their stupid cheese-heads. There goes the home-field advantage! so, final score, sad to say -- Packers 23, Vikings 16. Then as Jerry and I were leaving the stadium, we saw a Packer fan and a Vikings fan engaged in the biggest fistfight I've ever seen at a Vikings game (it almost felt like it could have been an Eagles game!).. I bet those two guys will be glad to get back to work tomorrow to escape from all this sports stress.

ah, but then you have your rewards. you win some, you lose some. As soon as i got home from the game, i got on-line right away to find that -- yes! -- the Philadelphia Phillies won their division today and are in the baseball playoffs, first time since 1993..... Go, Phillies! we fans of the Philadelphia sports teams need a champion!

Back to football: my next Vikings home game to go to: October 28th vs. the Philadelphia Eagles [another 1-3 team, i sadly note later].... I love the Vikings, of course, at least in a second-fiddle sort of way, but -- hey! -- for that game, I'll be wearing my Eagles shirt and cap. I'll make sure to avoid that Vikings fistfight guy.

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