Monday, September 24, 2007

thoughts about 'The War'

there is a new Ken Burns documentary series on PBS about World War II, 15 hours over 7 episodes, and i watched Part One last night, titled "The Necessary War". If there is ever a documentary series about the war in Iraq (assuming that that war ever ends), i wonder what the title of that Part One will be. Definitely not "The Necessary War".

Anyway, this series seems to be well done, as Ken Burns documentaries are, and i learned from it. Ordinarily, i would find a series about why and whether a war is fought -- and all of the social and political implications -- to be more interesting than how it is fought, battle strategies and all that, but i realize it's all connected. it's all terrible.

and the terror goes on. i'm frustrated by the bush administration's current strategy of trying to pass the why and the whether of this current war over to the generals, criticizing the Democrats and wavering Republicans for "politicizing" the war. Wars are political! The military should not be making decisions whether to continue fighting a war. And the military should be questioned on its strategies. And i'm frustrated with the gutless Democrats for allowing this war to go on and for being so easily subdued by empty rhetoric.

i wish i could ignore politics and all the madness. it's all so draining.

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Anonymous said...

You can easily ignore politics. Just pretend you don't care. It's easy enough for me, mainly because politics bores me to tears.