Wednesday, September 8, 2010

another religious war would make for good headlines

I was going to write something innocuous about what a beautiful day it is and how near-perfect, weather-wise, it should be for the Twins game tonight we're going to, but now I'm too annoyed by the news media to think about all that mundane stuff. What has me fired-up is all the attention that a nobody idiot preacher in Florida is getting this week because he and his sub-moronic congregants (a measly 50 members) plan to burn copies of the Koran (Quran? Qu'ran?) this Saturday, September 11, in an apparent attempt to piss off the entire Muslim world.

Now, think about it: News reporters could have ignored the fool, figuring he's just another lunatic-fringe nut case, which of course he is, but no! They had to make this into a "news story" which has now caused international outrage. International outrage, of course, will not keep the dweeb from getting his 15 minutes of fame and becoming a hero to ignorant fear-addicts and becoming a talking-head on Fox News. His weird little church will be bursting at the seams, he'll get all kinds of offers for speaking engagements, and maybe he'll run for office as a Tea Party candidate. The sky's the limit.

I heard somebody the other day say that all wars have been caused by religion, directly or indirectly. I'm not sure I agree with that, but I do have the feeling that the next one will be a doozy. If only just the religious extremists could fight each other and knock each other off and leave the rest of us out of it! Or isn't that a big enough story?

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