Sunday, September 12, 2010

toccata and football in d minor

In some churches, "Rally Sunday" is the Sunday after Labor Day when the church year starts after a somewhat sleepier summer schedule. The church where I'm a member but where I'm sort of hit-and-miss about attending has been around for 157 years, and one of the many long-time traditions there is that the organ prelude on Rally Sunday is always Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach, so this wasn't a Sunday that would be a "miss" for me. The Toccata is the classic piece for pipe organ, and the organist at this church is the best I know, so I relished every minute of hearing it. I've played this piece (rather ineptly) on pipe organ, and I know how challenging it is to play but also how much fun and how motivating it can be!

Then back home for another September tradition -- Sunday afternoon football. My son Tom is here and had a game on TV when I got home, and we ordered a pizza and here we sit vegetating and enjoying the moment....

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