Friday, September 3, 2010

on the road again

Where we're staying, in Tunica, Mississippi, is just south of Memphis, Tennessee, and just east of Arkansas, so yesterday we drove through the countryside of this part of Mississippi and into northeast Arkansas and from there into Memphis.

What we noticed: That this part of Mississippi and Arkansas, except for the casinos here in Tunica, are unbelievably poor, especially in the little towns. In fact, Tunica County was the poorest county in the U.S. until the casinos were brought here. I guess that's the reason that casinos were plopped down in an area that otherwise has nothing else -- that and its promixity to the Memphis metro area.

Also noticed: That if I lived in the South, I'd be fat as a pig. I have such a weakness for Southern-style comfort food and I'm eating such good food on this trip that it's a good thing we're going home tomorrow.

Today, we head east to Alabama so that I can cross that state off my States to be Visited List. We won't stay there long, will then head up north through Alabama and cross through southern Tennessee to Memphis where we will have a BBQ dinner in one of the great restaurants there.

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