Friday, February 15, 2008

cupcake anguish

For the past week, I've been on a sort of half-assed diet, which might help explain why my blogsite is suddenly more active (typing instead of eating potato chips) and which is another reason why I'm not reporting what I had for lunch. But then yesterday a friend showed up with a cupcake for me. Immediately, I am thinking, if I'm going to ingest empty calories, I'd rather have a Pepsi, but what was I going to do -- throw it in the dumpster? And my friend said she had spent a long time in line at the cupcake shop because it was Valentine's Day and everybody was there buying cupcakes for their possibly-dieting lovers. So with guilt whichever way I went, I sat down with this unbelievably killer cupcake. I mean, it was chocolate with frosting and then six additional swirls on icing on top that looked to be in the shape white Hershey kisses. It was the most sinful cupcake I've ever eaten. I spent the rest of the day making up for it.

Meanwhile, my sister Joan, if she read my blog on any sort of regular basis, would be yelling at me right now, "Why in the world are you on a diet??", obviously worrying that I might be turning into the Karen Carpenter of brothers. Hey, I'm just trying to avoid some winter/tax-season fat. We might be going back to Hawaii in April, you know.

Off the subject: Another blog content thought. Have you ever, when you're looking at my blog or somebody else's Blogger blog, clicked on that "Next Blog" button on the bar at the top of the site? There is some really weird stuff out there! I am so normal.

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