Friday, February 1, 2008


You know I like football, the NFL especially, and I like the playoffs and all that. The SuperBowl, though, has always been sort of annoying for me, unless the Eagles or the Vikings are in it, which of course is hardly ever. The game is nothing compared to all the corporate hoopla and the hours of commercials. Everybody has parties to "watch" the game and get drunk. It's usually a good time to go to the movies or go bowling, since everybody else is at home watching the SuperBowl.

We're invited to friends' house to watch the game this year, so we'll socialize while the game is off in the corner on the hopefully-muted TV. It's hard to get too excited with the New England Patriots and the New York Giants going for the championship anyway. Remember I predicted in my September 8th blog that the Patriots were going to have a phenomenal year? But who wants to see them have a perfect season? Hardly anybody. If the Patriots win, I wouldn't mind seeing Randy Moss finally get a Super Bowl ring, but I would mind seeing Tom Brady getting another one, so I guess that means I need to be rooting for the Giants, which is not easy for an Eagles fan. Would be fun to see "little Manning" win the big one, I guess, after all the abuse he takes from the New York fans.

And, if you watch, try to avoid the halftime show. This year, it's Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers... (are there still Heartbreakers or is it just Tom Petty?)... The way they do the SuperBowl halftime shows is just plain awful. They will have hundreds of people brought in from who-knows-where to jump around in phony hysteria around the stage while Tom Petty plays a couple of his greatest hits (did Tom Petty have greatest hits?). Then they'll truck Tom and his fake fans off the field, the teams will come back, one will win, one will lose, followed by idiotic locker-room interviews and a phone call from bush (unless he is choking on pretzels).... and football is suddenly gone from our lives for the next few months.

whew. it's no wonder everybody gets drunk.

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