Friday, February 29, 2008

happy birthday, leap people

Today is one of those quirks of the Gregorian calendar, the 29th of February, and I want to wish all of you with February 29 birthdays a happy birthday, and I guess I won't have to do that again for another four years. ... For the rest of us, let's enjoy our "extra" day.

More worthless knowledge: I of course had to look up and find what "famous" people had a February 29 birthdate and only came up with two people whose names I even recognized, now both dead -- bandleader Jimmy Dorsey and singer/TV star Dinah Shore.


ruthie said...

Just an FYI. My sister-in-law, Kayla's bday is today. she's the 1st person i ever knew born on this day. She's VERY excited. I always felt bad for people born on leap year.

Howard said...

Last night I saw a segment on the local news -- a 96-year-old woman having her 24th-birthday party.