Wednesday, February 13, 2008

words like daggers through my heart

My sister Nancy in North Carolina, in her emails, is always asking me if i've checked her daughter Michelle's blog for this news or her daughter-in-law Cris's blog for that news or this video, and I always say yes because I like both of their blog sites. But then yesterday I asked Nancy if she ever read my blog. Her brutal response: I've read your blog a few times. I usually forget, but it's not near as interesting as reading about my grandkids.

OUCH! Et tu, Nancy??

A Later Note: Nancy wrote back and said she had caught up on my blog, but she seems to think that it is too political, which she finds dull (agreeing with Tom). So I was amused when I checked Michelle's blog later in the day and found on this very day Michelle's blog had gone at least momentarily political -- Michelle has endorsed Barack Obama for President.


elle + josh said...

oh, mom, how cruel! she said something about your blog being too political, but that same day josh posted an obama video on ours. ha! & she thought she was 'safe' reading ours...

happy valentine's day, uncle howard!


Anonymous said...

Call me bored, pathetic, or simply interested but I even read Ryan your last post about Clinton and Obama. I'm not into politics much, but I thoroughly enjoy hearing peoples opinions. I read all of your posts, they are much more uplifting than most of my blog posts.

Howard said...

it's nice to be able to turn to my nieces for positive reinforcement.. thanks!! and Ruthie -- when does your blog start?

Anonymous said...

i just made a new blog on blogspot. My other blog was on myspace. The address is Still trying to make it look pretty.