Thursday, April 26, 2012


Even though I haven't worked in downtown St. Paul in about nine years, I still have a safe-deposit box in one of the banks there that I visit hardly ever and who knows what is even in that safe-deposit box any more?  But I needed to drop a couple documents off, so I drove over there today around lunchtime.

Downtown St. Paul generally doesn't change too much, except that streets are currently all torn up making room for light-rail tracks.

But I must be changing -- or at least my signature is.  The safe-deposit lady made me sign the entry card again because my signature, sloppy and almost indecipherable, looked nothing like the signature on the card I signed when I first rented the box back in the 1980s, beautiful and legible.  When I signed the entry card the second time, it didn't look much better than the first attempt.  I think my right hand doesn't move as precisely as  it once did... Or is it my brain that has lost its edge?  It's no wonder I can't play the piano like I used to!


Jon said...

Don't be depressing, my handwriting isn't nearly as nice as it was 20 years ago either; it's just because no one handwrites anything anymore so we're out of practice. Same with the piano thing... all these years of playing "I Could Have Danced All Night" while ignoring your Chopin book has caught up with you. :-)

Howard said...

it's the lazy-pianist thing, which i don't deny.