Wednesday, April 11, 2012

marlin errors

The baseball team -- the Florida Marlins...

First of all, the plural of "marlin" is not "marlins" -- it's marlin!  It's like if you wanted to name a team after deer. You wouldn't call them the Deers! Did this team have to dumb down the name for Floridians?

But this week, something even more lame. I had to take a double-take when I read the articles about the five-day suspension of the Marlins' manager, Ozzie Guillen.  Ozzie, originally from Venezuela, said in a news interview that he loved and respected long-time Cuban President Fidel Castro.  This apparently is something you can't say in Florida where there are so many Cuban-Americans who hate Castro, and he probably shouldn't have said it for the good of the Marlin(s) franchise.  Maybe he should even have apologized or explained better what he meant.

But getting suspended for saying it??  What is it that these people don't like about Castro -- his repression of free speech??

This was a gutless move on the part of this misnamed team.

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