Sunday, April 8, 2012

somebody in russia is up to no good

Somebody in Russia keeps trying to spam me with comments to my posts, and Google is somehow savvy enough to know how to filter them so that you the readers never see them.  But I see them: they forward to my email.  They are usually links to who-knows-what, Viagra type sites, and, since they get filtered, I don't know what these people gain by doing this.  But they must have a reason.

Lately, in particular, there are two old posts that they keep focusing on.  Almost every day now I'm seeing their attempts to comment.  I can't help but be suspicious that I should stop it from happening, whatever it is.

So -- I've posted every day since 8/11/10, but I'm going to delete those two posts so that they can't keep doing their dirty deeds (if that's what they are).  The posts are:  "the snake stories" on 3/17/11 and "piano man" on 3/22/11.  I will get rid of them within the next two days, so if you want to go back and see them, now is the time.  And you Russian dudes, move on to something else.

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