Tuesday, April 24, 2012

thoughts going through my head at a baseball game

Last night... Target Field, downtown Minneapolis.  The Minnesota Twins playing the Boston Red Sox.

--  "There sure a lot of Red Sox fans in Minnesota!"
--  "Considering that this bratwurst was seven bucks, it should be a lot better than this."
--  "Is James going to get that family history assignment done by Wednesday?"
--  "It's only the 4th inning??"
--  "How do people have season tickets for baseball?  I mean, there are something like eighty home games every season!  And a lot of these season-ticket holders have a long drive to get here -- I just had to walk seven blocks!"
--  "Baseball sure is a funny sport.  I mean, here we sit -- 30,000 people or so -- watching a little ball being thrown and batted around.  Plus it's being watched on TV!"
--  "I hardly know any of these players anymore.  There was a time when I was a kid and I knew every player on every team.  Of course, there were only 16 teams then instead of 30 and players didn't change teams every couple years."
--  "I wonder what Jerry is doing tonight."
--  "Minneapolis has a beautiful skyline. And these are great seats."
--  "I should spend some time in Boston."
--  "It's so hard to sit still and relax.  I think I'm not recovered from busy season yet."
--  "How is it that I have some people in my life who will vote for Mitt Romney?"
--  "It's only the 7th inning?  What if this game goes into extra innings?"


vickie said...

Sounds like your brain is still in overdrive.

Uma Devi Ishaya said...

Have you every thought of meditation?

elke said...

You know that you never succesfully explained the baseball rules to me, so I always thought you were not able to understand them yourself. If so, I gathered you go there just to relax. Which you did. Obviously.Brainfully.

Howard said...

E -- Baseball is very simple, which is part of its problem. A guy throws the ball, another guy tries to hit it, another guy tries to catch it. If you're feeling in kind of a mellow mood, it can be fun to sit at a game... you can relax -- maybe even meditate -- while you watch and munch on a bratwurst. If you're feeling a bit hyper, it's probably not the place to be.