Sunday, November 11, 2012

as a veteran, i have earned the right to say this

It's Veterans Day, and for some reason Veterans Day is annoying me more than usual.  The pseudo-Thank-Yous just seem to be lip-service when they come from people who support unnecessary wars and then don't watch out for veterans after they've served.

The ways to thank veterans:  Don't let future veterans be sent off to fight offensive wars that we start for trumped-up reasons; hold politicians accountable for the lives they destroy; and take care of those who return from war, especially if they are injured -- mentally, physically or psychologically.  The care some of these wounded veterans receive is pathetic.

And do you know that one of four of the homeless people in this country are veterans?  And that unemployment rates for veterans are way higher than for the general population?  These are shameful facts, man.

Help and support are needed, not patronizing standing ovations by people who have no idea what they missed......

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